Mixed at The Epicurean Festival


Pairing farm fresh ideas with the latest in culinary designs and the art of mixology.

Synopsis: 3 local chefs and 3 local mixologists combine efforts to create 2 dishes with complimentary cocktails and wine pairings based on the seasonal ingredients at the local Farmer’s Market. The winner is selected each week by local celebrity chefs and our host. The finalists square off and the competition culminates to crown the Mixed champions.

The contestants bring a knife and bar kit but no ingredients. They have 1 hour to pick the local ingredients and prepare the dishes, cocktails and pairings.

3 local judges have the final decision. The teams must work together to create the most creative dish and presentation, taste, use of ingredients and pairing. A possibility to earn extra points is available based on selection of difficult to use ingredients and unusual pairings will be awarded by the judges.

The MIXED truck contains the liquor cabinet and pantry to provide the chefs and mixologists the base ingredients. 3 stations are set up with the cook top or grill (depending on the challenge). Bar supplies, cooking utensils, pots and pans will be on the truck. As well the power to fire up the grills, stove tops and blenders, circulators.

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